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September 03, 1837*

Springfield, IL,
Early legal document in Lincoln’s hand

May 26, 1860

Springfield, IL,
Letter to Congressman Schuyler Colfax

January 09, 1863*

Washington D.C.,
Letter to Sec. Of War Stanton with Cincinnati connection

October 26, 1863

Washington D.C.,
Note to Sec. Stanton about seeing Sec. Seward

February 27, 1865

Washington D.C.,
Note regarding
Senator Nesmith

February 05, 1847

Springfield, IL,
Note to attorney Henry Dummer

June 17, 1861*

Washington D.C,
Presidential pardon of
John Booth

February 21, 1863

Washington D.C.,
Military commission for Andrew Bryson

September 19, 1864

Warren, PA & Washington D.C.,
Letter from Congressman Scofield with reply by President Lincoln

April 02, 1865

City Point, VA,
Telegraphic cover letter on Grant’s letterhead

July 28, 1859

Springfield, IL,
Letter to Samuel Galloway about slavery and Douglas

December 26, 1861*

Washington D.C,
Letter to Brig. General Ambrose Burnside

July 27, 1863*

Washington D.C.,
Letter to Sec. Of War Stanton about Capt Charles B. Stivers

October 19, 1864

Washington D.C.,
Lincoln note referring to the oath of allegiance dated December 8, 1863

February 12, 1861
Cincinnati, OH,
34 star flag draped over Lincoln's carriage during visit

This wiki contains scanned documents from private collections as well as from the Bertrand B. Kahn Lincolniana Collection available in the Rare Books collection of
The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County,
presented in conjunction with the
Lincoln Legacy: A Cincinnati Celebration of Freedom.

Documents noted with a * were scanned from private collections.

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