Lincoln Letters - February 21, 1863

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February 21, 1863,
Abraham Lincoln

President of the United States of America

To All Who Shall See These Presents,


Know Ye, that reposing special Trust and Confidence in the Patriotism, Valor, Fidelity and Abilities of Andrew Bryson, I have nominated and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate do appoint him a Commander in the Navy on the Active List from the 16th of July 1862 in the service of the United States. He is therefore carefully and diligently to discharge the Duties of a Commander by doing and performing all Manner of Things thereunto belonging. And I do strictly charge and require all Officers, Seamen and Marines under his Command to be obedient to his orders as a Commander. And he is to observe and follow such Orders and Directions from time to time as he shall receive from me: or the future President of the United States for the time being.

By the President Given under my hand at Washington this twenty-first day of February in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Three and in the Eighty-seventh year of Independence of the United States.

Signed Abraham Lincoln

Gideon Wells Secretary of the Navy

Registered No Thirty

The lowest number of the same date takes rank

Wm. Moran

This is a commission for Andrew Bryson to be a Commander in the Navy. Bryson was of Scottish descent and commanded the ironclads USS Lehigh & USS Essex during the Civil War. He later commanded the flagship USS Shenandoah of the South Atlantic Squadron in 1879. He retired as a Rear Admiral after 43 years of continuous service on January 30, 1883 and died February 7, 1892.

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