Lincoln Letters - July 27, 1863

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July 27, 1863
Executive Mansion,
Washington, July 27, 1863
Hon. Sec. Of War
My dear Sir:
Capt Charles B. Stivers of the 7th Infantry has been dismissed the service for disobedience of orders. He is Son-in-law to Gen. Paul, recently so severely wounded at Gettysburg. I desire that he shall have a hearing of his case and an opportunity to present such justification or explanation of his disobedience, as he may be able. Please allow him the opportunity.
Yours truly,
A. Lincoln

Captain Charles Bryant Stivers was reinstated by President Lincoln less than thirty days after his dismissal. His military pension was suspended later in his life when President Benjamin Harrison questioned the fact that Lincoln did not receive congressional approval for the reinstatement. Despite several bills that were passed by the House and Senate, his pension was not continued. His father-in-law, General Gabriel Paul was left totally blind by the wound he received at Gettysburg. He may have been at a different command save for his wife's insistance directly to President Lincoln that her husband be promoted to a Brig. General.

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