Lincoln Letters - May 26, 1860

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May 26, 1860
Springfield, Ill. May 26, 1860
Hon. Schuyler Colfax
My dear Sir:
Your very kind, and acceptable letter of the 18th was received two or three days since.
You distinguish between yourself and my original friends – a distinction which, by your leave, I propose to forget.
I have acted upon your suggestion, and also upon my own impulse, in relation to our old friend R.W.T.
Yours very truly,
A. Lincoln

Lincoln is writing to Indiana congressman Schuyler Colfax who eventually would become Speaker of the House and Grant's Vice President. According to an annotation from the Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln Volume 4, Colfax was an original supporter of Edward Bates for the presidential nomination where he had written "I need not say how heartily I join with your original friends in their greetings to you". Colfax had suggested that Lincoln write Richard W. Thompson (R.W.T), leader of the Union Party in Indiana, candidates of which were John Bell and Edward Everett.

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