Lincoln Letters - September 19, 1864

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September 19, 1864,
Warren Pa. Sept 19, 1864

To A. Lincoln

When at Washington a short time ago you promised to release from Ft. Delaware G. Stritzinger a prisoner of war. The papers making out a proper case are on file in the War Dept and now respectfully request that you will give the order for his release.
G.W. Scofield

Congressman Glenni William Scofield was granted his request by President Lincoln to release G. Stritzinger. Lincoln approved many of these issues personally taking up a huge amount of the President's time.

September 19, 1864,
Hon G.W. Scofield
Warren Pa.

Says the Pres. promised to release G. Stritzerger prisoner of war at Fort Delaware, and asks that an order may be issued.
I do not remember this promise, but doubtless Mr. Schofield does—Let this man be discharged on taking the oath of Dec. 8, 1863.
A. Lincoln
Sep. 23, 1864
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